Choosing The Right Hair Style

Finding a hairstyle that flatters your face and your body can be a difficult thing to find. This may sound like a familiar situation to you. You spend time looking through fashion magazines to find the perfect cut to show your stylist. Finally you find a cut and it looks great on the model or celebrity in the picture so you clip out the picture and then show the photo to your stylist. Your stylist warns you that in may not look the same on you, but you ignore the warning and ask your stylist to proceed. In a few minutes you have the style in the picture, but there is one huge problem. It looks terrible on you. But if it’s the exact same cut, why doesn’t it look great on you? The answer is simple.

The problem is that most likely you have a different shapes faces and different features than the person in the photograph. So a style that looks great on them and works with their face shape and features doesn’t necessarily look great on you. When choosing a style, it’s important to take your shape of your face into account. There are several different types of face shapes including diamond, heart, oval, rectangular, round, square, and triangular. Of all those shapes faces, the oval face shape is the one most likely to look great with any cut. Next time your visit your hair salon, ask your stylist about your face shape and what kind of cuts will look best for you.