Jewellery Maintenance – Tips To Keep Your Jewels Looking Great

The right jewellery will add to your personality and appearance. Even if you have spent quite a bit of money acquiring these baubles, you’ll need to make sure that you look after them properly. It is surprisingly easy to take care of your jeweled accessories, but if you do not look after them well they will not give you the desired appearance. In fact, they can also drop in value because you do not look after them properly.

The following jewellery handling and maintenance tips will be of great help to you:

1. Handle your ornaments with a great deal of care on a day to day basis. Do not bring them in contact with chemicals that will ruin their appearance. For instance, you should remove your rings when you wash dishes. You should also remove bracelets and bangles when you exercise for fear that you might hit them accidentally. Similarly, you should also remove gold or silver ornaments when you bathe or swim. Chlorine is especially damaging to them.

2. Store your jewels carefully in order to prevent them from touching each other. If you pile all your accessories into a box or pouch then they will rub against each other resulting in dents and scratches. Make sure that you wrap each piece individually so that they do not touch each other. If you have a few chains and necklaces you ought to hang them from hooks so that they do not get entangled with each other.

3. Wear chemical products such as perfume and hairspray before you wear certain types of accessories. Pearls are especially susceptible to damage from chemicals. Likewise, certain alloys of gold, copper and silver are prone to getting discoloured because of exposure to chemicals.

4. Clean your ornaments regularly, but do not use any harsh chemicals to do so. Certain commercially available cleaning products can damage gold and silver very badly. You’ll find that soapy water cleans your ornaments quite well. Just make sure that you do not clean them in your bathroom or kitchen sink for fear that they will slip out of your hands into the drain. Wipe them dry with a soft cloth that is free of lint.

You’ll be really happy with the way your jewellery retains its luster when you look after it well. Not only will your expensive baubles look beautiful even if they are old but they will also retain their value very well.